Your property will be marketed under “The Works” Package and the commission will be payable upon completion once we have agreed your sale with in the first 4 weeks. For full information about “The Works” package please refer to our website.

The 4 weeks starts from the first day a viewing is carried out and finishes 28 working days later.

If for any reason once a sale is put in hand, the vendor or buyer withdraws from the purchase the 4 weeks or free promotion is terminated and the vendor can continue on “The Works” package with no tie in or commitment until a new buyer is found and then commission is paid upon completion.

If Stratton Oak Estates do not agree a sale within the first 28 days after the first viewing then the property will revert to our “HouzThat” Package.

The “HouzThat” gives the vendor details of fully qualified applicants that have called regarding the online presentation of the property. From here the vendor can make arrangements to show the qualified applicant around the property at a time to best suit them. For full details of our “HouzThat” package please refer to our website.
If at the end of the 4 weeks the vendor decides they wish to stay on “The Works” package, they can do so by informing Stratton Oak in writing on or before the 28th day. There is no additional cost, Stratton Oak will continue to market, qualify and carry out the viewings until a sale is agreed and then commission is due upon completion. 
The agreement to go onto the promotion 4 weeks or free has to be agreed before the property goes live on any portals. 

Stratton Oak pride themselves in being able to achieve the highest prices in roads and being able to stretch market value on frequent occasions. On valuation the property will be given 3 level of pricing, low, market value and high. For the property to qualify for 4 weeks or free the property must be marketed at either the low or market value valuations. If the vendor wishes to try for the higher valuation then the 4 weeks or free can not commence until the property price matches the market value price suggested at valuation.

No terms can be amended once they are agreed in email format between Stratton Oak and Vendor.

The managing director is able to amend the terms to suit the vendor if so applicable and all terms and conditions are subject to change.

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