At Stratton Oak we try and look at everything through our client's perspective and provide a premium service to suit, our home finder service is no different. One of the biggest frustrations for people today is whether to find a property before they put their house on the market, or sell then start looking.

Which ever way you choose to work it can cause stress and frustration, you hold off going to market, find your dream home, put your property to market and in the meantime the agent sells it to someone else even though they said they would wait for you if you sold with them. Or, you put your property to market, you can’t find anything you want, the agent agrees you a sale and then for the next month rings you every day asking “have you have found something yet”, putting immense pressure on you. This is without a doubt the biggest frustration we come across in this industry, I mean honestly, doesn't the agent work for you, not the buyer, and shouldn't they be ringing you saying we have this property would you like to see it or have you seen that property on with “X:” agent. We are inundated with calls on a daily basis with frustrated vendors sold through other agents with this exact problem, it’s time for a change.

Well we like to think we have a solution to cover all bases - how about if your thinking of moving in the next few 3, 6 or even 12 months you complete our home finder form or speak to someone in our home finder team. The team will then go out do their best to find that property for you. There are a lot of people out there that want to move and they could be in your dream home, and if so, we will find them. This way you can agree a sale of your forward purchase without it even going to market so no problem with losing it, then put your property on the market and secure the best possible price, how simple does that sound?

We appreciate its a form, and no one likes completing forms but if you take a few minutes, provide us with as much information as you can we can get our home finding team to work on locating that perfect property for you to call home. This may take you a few minutes, but it could be the best few minutes you spend this year.