Do not disturb campaign

At this time of year many people are thinking about moving house in the New Year, are you?

When is the best time to market? What will get me the best net price? What will give me the least amount of stress? How can I get ahead of the competition for my new home?

These are probably the kind of questions going through your mind.

If this is the case you will be glad to hear this year we will once again be running our hugely successful “Do not disturb campaign”. This will not only give you the opportunity to get your property viewed by the highest number of potential buyers, but also get you in the best position to secure you next home, and at all times keeping the stress to a minimum.

How does it work – Between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day and then through to the day after New Year’s day, Rightmove sees more activity that at any other time of the year. Now as someone that wants to move in the New Year is this really an opportunity you want to miss out on?

Admittedly Christmas and New Year is the last time you want to be having viewings, and to be honest it’s the last time people want to be viewing, however you don’t want to miss out on the extra footfall through Rightmove, so how does it all work.......

We come and get all the marketing material for the property at the end of November, beginning of Dec basically before the decorations go up. The marking plan is put together, discussed with you and then signed off ready to go.

We then wait until Christmas Eve, put the property live with the information that viewings will start on a date in early January. The property is ready on Rightmove for the onslaught of people looking, it is presented without the distraction of Christmas odds & sods, and you are now ahead of the game!

Not only does this give you the pick of the best buyers seeing your property, it means you are not disturbed over the festive period, you can relax and enjoy it, then have it all packed away and forgotten about before anyone comes around.

Advantages of this service -you have a massive buzz created about your property, good levels of viewing all in a short period of time when they commence, this in turn ensures best possible price and eliminates the stress involved.

Last year 97% of the properties listed under this scheme achieved asking price or more.

Then, in addition and more importantly you also get ahead of other sellers going after the same property type you are interested in, generally your property is sale agreed before the competition have even hit the market, what an advantage!

So, to summarise, using this campaign will take advantage of the best time to market; secure you the best net price possible, with the least amount of stress, in the timescales to suit you, getting you ahead of the competition, not a bad way to start 2019!

For more information Call George on 01202 237580 or E-Mail info@strattonoakestates.com