By the time you get to week 6 on the market with another agent things can often have become very frustrating.


Discrepancies and holes in the initial conversation where they got you to sign the contract and now starting to show and even worse communication is likely to be dwindling.

Have you been keeping an eye on the way your property looks on Rightmove?  

Is your agent currently reviewing and renewing your creative, sales particulars and photography to keep things fresh?

Or is your agent just talking about a slow market and you need to reduce your price?

In my experience the vast majority of properties that sell for the best price go under offer within the first 6 weeks of launching for sale. However, if they dont it is usually when the agent starts talking about price reductions. This is something you need to be wary of as there are many things that your agent can do to ensure that your property doesn’t stagnate on the market and it's crucial they do so long before they start discussing price. ‘The Three P’s’ for example is something I speak about a lot with my vendors.

Has your agent:-

  • Had a meeting with you to review the original Marketing plan.

  • Made any changes to any of the portal marketing to keep it fresh.

  • Retaken the professional pictures due to the change in seasonal weather.

  • Adjusted the ideal buyer type, retargeted and then relaunched.


If not and you feel your property is just being left to sit on the market, hoping a buyer falls in your agents lap, then you will benefit from my free no obligation 'Marketing Improvement Appraisal' in which we can discuss ‘The Three P’s.

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