How is your first 2 weeks on the market?

Often this can be the busiest time so I am sure you have had lots of viewings and maybe some initial offers?

Just a quick note, If you have not yet registered your details with us, now is the best time to do so. I'm sure It won't be long before you have an offer in place and you want to make sure you are at the forefront of any new properties coming to market.

Back to the excietment of your sale, If by week 2 on a property we were selling there had no offers we'd be working through the following process :-

  • Feedback Analysis

    • Ensure detailed feedback for all viewings has been delivered verbally and in writing.

    • Go back to all applicants that viewed to see if they have bought and analyze their feedback further to help with future viewings.


  • Analyze the portal data to gauge the fluctuation of detailed views.

  • Update and Rotate Marketing ensuring the listing is always fresh.

  • Cross Check Marketing Plan to ensure all points have been achieved.

  • Update competition list

  • Revisit demand levels and react accordingly

  • Refresh Social Media Outlets.


I'm sure your agent is following the same processes, you could give them a call and discuss feedback on it all.